Amendment to Excise Law

Amendment of the Excise Tax Decree - Law No. 19 of 2022

Abhishek Goel

10/26/20221 min read

FTA has passed a decree amending provisions in relation to Excise Tax. The Public Clarification is specifically intended to inform persons of the following main changes to the Excise Tax Decree-Law:

1. Exceptions from registration - Persons importing excise goods for purposes other than conducting business will be excepted from registration

2. Payment of amount received as Excise Tax - Any amount(s) collected, or reflected on an invoice as Excise Tax, is deemed to be Excise Tax and payable to the FTA.

3. The statute of limitation - A statute of limitation relating to tax audits and tax assessments has been introduced in the amended Excise Tax Decree-Law.

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