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person using laptop computer beside aloe vera
person using laptop computer beside aloe vera

We are a UAE focused tax advisory firm formed with an ambition of making the VAT and Corporate Tax introduction in UAE economy as success!

Our team includes people with a hands on experience of tax laws across the globe including Europe, Asia, & Americas. Our team includes accountants, attorneys, country specific experts who are ready to make your transition to the emerging UAE economy a cakewalk!

What we can offer?

Tax Experts

We have accounting experts with hands on experience of over 50 years helping multinationals with their taxes.

Compliance Team

100% of the businesses fails either due to incorrect business strategy or lack of interest towards compliance. Our compliance team ensures you to run your business carefree.

We know you

We have been working with UAE business since decades and we know what you need.

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On top of face-to-face consultation, we also offer advice which can help you to navigate smoothly through the CIT implementation.